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Some Specialty Pharmacies focus on perfecting one area of services. Solera Specialty Pharmacy excels in all departments. Our processes are set up to benefit everyone involved, from patients and prescribers, to payors and providers. With a focus on serving the entire Specialty Pharmacy industry as a whole, Solera is able to deliver benefits and solutions that empower the community, raise the standard of care, and make the experience simply better.

  • Patients

    Our patient services are set up to make your Specialty Pharmacy experience as smooth, easy, and enjoyable as possible with free delivery, copayment assistance, ac

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  • Prescribers

    We work closely with physicians, maintaining a dialogue to improve patient care. Physicians can utilize fax, telephone and ePrescribing options when sending over

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  • Payors

    Better physician relationships and quality of care means improved patient clinical outcomes, and in turn, less stress for payors. Solera staff is trained and expe

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  • Providers

    We understand the importance of patients remaining compliant on their prescribed regimen. Through proactive patient communication, we’re able to improve patient

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